imageimageimage The one on Division. May I recommend the pork belly curry at Pok Pok across the street? The neighborhood has changed so much in the last 30 days that I did not recognize where I was. So much change, so much construction, so much gentrification. So many more places with good food: no wonder there is so much more obesity.

image The sign at Seal Rock.


image Sellwood, Portland.

image Great Pyrenees. Very gentle, but he has an aversion citronella from puppyhood trauma. Sellwood, Portland.

image image image Beirut bicycle. It is a Cartoon Network show.

image image Not much graffiti about, but plenty of stickers. The Chinese one is parricularly intriguing. I have no idea what the yellow and black stuff concerns.

image image image American Staffordshire Terrier mix, 11 years old.

image Mural, Student Union, Reed College.

image Fresh, clean, fruity, balanced. Hints of passionfruit.


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