image image Washingtonia, sunlight, and a dirty window.

image There was a mirror and several rounds of ToonCamera involved.

image image image image image image

image My great aunt in 1961 posing with whom I suspect is the French bus tour guide. The slide was labeled “Paris,” one of many, many Kodachrome slides taken on a grand tour of Europe. She was a public school teacher in San Francisco. Fifty years later, there is no visible color shift. Though I prefer Velvia’s color, Kodachrome looks to endure forever. RIP.


image image image image Nasturtia? The gray blob in the center of the large, orange nasturtium is a spider. Spiders are not insects, but bugs are bugs.

image image image

image The tree of “Enduring Mystery Fruit” has started to flower and sprout, allowing identification. Common name of Chinaberry, a widely planted ornamental of the mahogony family. Its fruit and leaves are toxic, though possibly not to birds. Native to the East Indies and Australia. I have found at least four trees in the neighborhood.

image image Roots do not always go deep.

image I most favor Bohsali’s kol weshkor and pistashio burma

image It appears to be a strong oxidant.


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