image image London.

image image image

image image image Wow, what a way to have one’s work be seen far and wide. I imagine stylistic exchanges all along the west coast. I saw many examples, but I was not usually quick enough with the iPad, and of course, while driving on the freeway, it is better to keep the eyes on the road.


so much depends



a brown waste



overflowing with scratch



stretched with blue



With apologies William Carlos Williams






image Courtesy of nadi lekol el nas.

image Empty lot sounds like a contradiction to me. I think this is in Getawi or nearby. The red calligraphy is well done, but I do not know its meaning.

image image image image

image image image Having read Conte Saidon Tidiany’s poem “Martyrs” today, the line “In the fog of the seasons’ end” struck me and stuck with me. The line is well known from its use as the title of Alex La Guma’s 1972 novel. So, with apologies, I dwell upon the idea of struggle, and link the political to the explorer’s. Here, a foggy day on Oregon’s Pacific coast, one end of the world among many.

ToonCamera did an exemplary rendering of the trees in the first, the seagull in the second, and grass in the third.

image ToonCamera does not do it justice, but this image is probably the only one that exists, and it is better not to circulate a high definition image without the consent of the owner. I date it to the early 1980s, as it came into my stewardship in the mid-1980s. It appears to my untrained eye to be acrylic on particle board, as I can see some texture when looking very closely with reflected light. The author appears to have framed it herself. On the back, the artist has written the owner’s name (who should contact me) and “CANTATA” “¿Macondiana della Divinia Comedia?” por Virginia Huneeus Chile-

I have grown quite fond of it and another work of hers on a similar theme in different medium. It suggests to me that infinity is compatible with progress.


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