image Hamra. I had always assumed that tattoos were CMYK. Do their tattoos glow?

image image These instructions in a vestibule on lower Hawthorne caught my eye. As I stood and puzzled over what sort of organization it could be, a couple in their twenties entered without hardly a glance at me. I thought it might be a shelter or offer services to those in need. When I came to post, I did a search, only to learn that “Kaya Shack is the first medical marijuana dispensary opened and operated by a publicly traded company.”

Well, that was a surprise. I guess I had heard that things were progressing, but I had no idea. I did not even get a whiff. Makes me wonder about what kind of battles everyone is fighting in Portland. Maybe we need one in Beirut. And with the downpour today, very welcome, we could use some Gore-Tex. Hell, if we are going to be importing from Portland, how about fresh air, IPA, and some interesting music? And bicycle lanes. And 24-hour power from PGE. And good, clean, fresh drinking water that is piped to every household in the city. And green space and drizzle. If we can have all that, we might not have any battles to fight, and we can do without the marijuana. We grown enough locally anyway, though I doubt it is as good as that of Oregon. It is probably like the local potatoes: exactly what you want, so long as you want them for french fries, even if it grows in the middle of the street.

Publicly traded? And what is feeling the rain and getting wet about?

image image What struck me most was how well the draping of the shawl suited the pattern and color. It is not the sort of thing I would normally notice. I was tempted to disturb it and see how long it would take for an employee to correct. Does the shawl pattern come with draping instructions? Maybe the sort of people whose sense leads them to elegant shawls have the sense to drape elegantly.

image An accidental palindrome, courtesy of Tri-Met. Nice layering of surfaces. The best example I know of is Yreka Bakery, but I heard it is no longer in business, and it probably was not accidental. If you ever have the pleasure of driving between San Francisco and Portland, you will likely use I-5, and you can stop in Yreka. Even if the Yreka Bakery is gone, they must have a bakery, and if you find it, you will have been to a Yreka bakery.

image image image image Only one missing ingredient: time. Knitting fascinates me. There is a technology museum in Berlin that had machines that knit and wove wire for industrial applications. I could go there every day. If I learn to knit or crochet, I will try wire. I do not know what I make with wire, perhaps something for the kitchen or a chainmail neck guard to prevent being beheaded.

I may next have time to learn to knit and crochet and guitar and knife forging and sailing and distillng and woodworking et cetera when I retire with bad eyes and arthritic hands and an interest only in fine dining and tales of my youth. And global warming will render wool useless and sheep extinct. That is why Happy Knits wants high school and college students: get them addicted young when they have time.

image image Many dimensions of contrast come to mind. Pithy and nihilistic vs prolix and trite. Cheaply produced and free vs glossy and over-priced. The first would see the second as evidence in support, but would the second tell the first “Stop over analyzing”?

image image  … of Kindle-inspired images. I had been keeping my eye out for a suitable typewriter, but they have become almost as rare as cylinder seals. One wonders whether products will no longer need to have obsolescence built-in, as the manufacturer plans on making the need for the product vanish.

image I thought I heard some people saying that MD 20 20 was too expensive, and I could not help but interrupt and tell them that although this part of the world likes to complain about crap from the West, it is not really fair, because people are taking the worst things of the West, be it Hollywood, fast food, malls, weapons, and now cheap fortified wine, and then telling everyone it is wonderful and charging a lot of money for it. I went on a tirade, but they seemed to agree with me, mostly. I got a bit confused and embarrassed, because it turns out they were talking about some hospital, not the wine. You would think it would not be legal to have such a misleading reference to health and vision on a substance of abuse.

image image Somewhere in the greater southeast. At some point, one wonders whether the profusion of creativity might overwhelm the function of the underlying infrastructure. There is so much out there that one could see parallels between street art and blogging.

There is more than I can understand. My favorite here is the reference to Hello Kitty. Some of the calligraphy is quite good. Is thar cyclops a reference to Greek mythology?

image image Part of the plague of stickers in  Portland.


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