image Visiting Northern European-Lebanese.

image image Montmartre, 1961, courtesy of Aunt Lillian and Kodachrome.

image image image Our young student women do not port packs on their backs. They hoist purses. Not book bags, clutches, or cute little handbags, but fully fledged madame cargo carriers. Everything fits: books, notes, phones, laptops, and who-knows-what. Sometimes smaller bags are employed as satellites. Pencil cases and microbags that emerge for special operations and then return to the mother ship. The use of purses rather than backpacks makes the transition from schoolgirl to lady seamless. When an adult woman backs a pack, she stands out as inalienably foreign.

The young men also do not use backpacks, but I not recall any particular class of accessory.

image image Protector of the dead, blessed by the Dalai Lama, a god in the form of a dog.

image I admit to trying on a pair a few years ago, but.

image image image image image image I think the top one is Arum dioscoridis. The very dark one could be that or maybe Arum palaestinum, and the white one is Calla palustris. The first and the last were in gardens, the black one wild in the Qadisha, and they all smell fetid.

imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage It was very good. It was very full. It was very photographed. The audience was better behaved than usual: they could have been worse.

image image image image  Palm Sunday. Capra aegagrus can be smelled before being seen or heard.

image image image I am not sure about the insect. It looks like it could be a clear wing, but I need to consult an expert.

image image image image image


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