image image I admit to eating several times in the last year. My earlier post, 26 October 2013 with a similar image, is my fifth most viewed post. That is a close rival to “Monkey Selfie,” “Boss Sauce,” and “Paper Snowflakes.” Is it the scrumptious veal? Is it the satisfyingly crunchy bread crust? The savory sauce? The blue shutters upstairs? The healthy cabbage? The bright colors? Perhaps all those visiting Berliners searching for a familiar snack? All those academics across the street deciding on a lunch venue? No, it is because a Google image search for “KB Doner” has my post in the first ten. But then again, Google must list it for a reason.

Looks like they deliver.

imageimageimageimageimage image

I walked home from Gemmayzeh, and of course and by choice, because no other courses worth choosing went my way that day, I visited the martyrs to the Ottoman occupation at Martyrs’ Square. I first visited it in early 1992, where it was a relic in the midst of ruins, and it impressed me greatly. The damage incurred during the Civil War was left during structural repairs and conveys not irony, but something similar with bitter resignation. The song “Cemetry Gates” by the Smiths (1986) came to mind, what with memorialized heroes and gorgeous weather. This post’s title is the first line of the song, but the relevant part is below.

“So we go inside and we gravely read the stones
All those people all those lives
Where are they now?
With the loves and hates
And passions just like mine
They were born
And then they lived and then they died
Seems so unfair
And I want to cry”

image I recognized it as a lost or abandoned finger painting immediately, but the elephant emerged only after viewing it from the proper angle. I dismissed the possibility of it being a lost pet sign due to the lack of contact information. It is far more likely to be a school, or pre-school art project. I estimate age three, but a precocious two-year old or a four-year old stuck in a mixed cohort is plausible. Then again, it could be a draft plan for the re-extantation of the wooly mammoth.

image Outside the walls of the American University of Beirut, near its physical plant.

image Smelled nice. Olayan School of Business.

image image image image Between AUB Engineering and the Corniche. It suggests that once the city was very well organized.

image image Surely caramel and chocolate will follow me all the days of my week. Or perhaps, “Flow, my caramel, fall from your cake!” A very rich, unctuously caramel-coated, chocolate birthday cake as metaphor, and surprisingly, not too sweet. Apologies to both King James and John Dowland.

image image image image image image image It was there minding its own business and only retracted when I proffered some grass too close. They make good pets, and being so long-lived, this one may be a lost or future pet. They prefer a dark, close shelter for sleep. Ours was exceedingly fond of hibiscus flowers. This species is that made famous by Aesop, whose depiction of persistence is accurate in my experience: one must enclose them well, because they incessantly attempt to escape.


image image I asked the artist if her description was a metaphor for some other process. I speculated: Life? Childhood? She did not respond how I expected, which would have been: Mathematics.


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